My Mortgage Modification was Denied

If you applied for a mortgage or loan modification, but were denied, you still may have options. You may be able to appeal the denial. However, if you choose to appeal the denial, you must act quickly. Most mortgage companies require that you submit an appeal within 14 days of your denial. If your appeal is denied, you likely cannot appeal that decision.

There are many reasons why a mortgage or loan modification could be denied. Typically, when you apply for a mortgage modification, you need to submit a lot of paperwork and supporting documents. The application may be denied if the documents are not submitted, or not submitted correctly.

When applying for a mortgage modification, you will need to submit a letter explaining your financial hardship. If your letter doesn’t do a good job of explaining your situation, then your application may be denied.

The Mortgage Modification Center

These are just some reasons why your application for a mortgage modification may be denied. If your application was denied, it is important to reach out for help right away. Time is of the essence, and if you wait, you may lose your right to appeal. The Mortgage Modification Center, led by Attorney John S. Simonian, has helped numerous families with their mortgage modifications. Attorney Simonian offers a free initial consultation to discuss your particular situation. Please reach out to the Mortgage Modification Center at (401) 467-7998.