Best Mortgage Modification Lawyer

If you are struggling with your mortgage payment, speaking to a lawyer could help.  You don’t need to wait until your home is in foreclosure.  You may be able to modify or change your mortgage or home loan.  Your loan can be:

  • Current, but you are anticipating having a problem with paying your mortgage in the near future due to a financial hardship;
  • Behind on your mortgage payments, either by a little or a lot;
  • In default;
  • In bankruptcy; or
  • In foreclosure.

If you currently experience any of the situations listed above, you may qualify for a mortgage modification.

Many Rhode Islanders are not aware that Rhode Island is one of only three states that have laws regarding mortgage modifications.  Further, Rhode Island law requires that mortgage companies work with homeowners to avoid foreclosure, if possible.

Mortgage modifications need to be applied for.  Since they take a lot of time, and can be complicated, many homeowners hire attorneys to complete the applications on the homeowner’s behalf.   Lawyers who regularly deal with mortgage or loan modifications, such as Attorney John S. Simonian, are familiar with the application process.  They know what information is needed for the application, and what paperwork needs to be submitted in order for your application to be considered.  Finally, a lawyer can speak to the company on your behalf, and keep records of the communications, so that you don’t have to.

Struggling to pay your mortgage is stressful, but applying for a mortgage modification doesn’t have to be.  Attorney Simonian has handled hundreds of mortgage modifications for his clients, all across Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  In fact, Attorney Simonian has been practicing law for over 26 years.  His office is conveniently located off the highway in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, so that clients from both Rhode Island and Massachusetts can easily access it. 

The Mortgage Modification Cente

When choosing an attorney to help you with your mortgage modification, you should make sure that they will be a good fit to work for you.  Attorney Simonian and the highly-trained staff at the Mortgage Modification Center have helped numerous families with their mortgage modifications.  Further, Attorney Simonian offers a confidential and free initial consultation.  To speak with the Mortgage Modification Center, please call (401) 467-7998.