Contacting My Mortgage Company

Once you realize that you are having difficulty making your mortgage payment, you should reach out for help as soon as possible, possibly by contacting your mortgage company. This will help to minimize whatever interest or fees may accrue because …Read More

Can I Sell My Home After a Mortgage Modification?

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What if I Don’t Like the Terms of the Mortgage Modification?

There are some circumstances where a homeowner should say no to a mortgage modification. Sometimes, the terms of the mortgage modification aren’t beneficial to the homeowner. For example, the new monthly payment may still be too high, and even with …Read More

What is the Difference between Refinancing and a Mortgage Modification?

Although the two may achieve a similar result – a smaller monthly payment – a mortgage modification differs from refinancing. When a homeowner refinances a mortgage, their current mortgage is paid off and it is replaced with a new mortgage. …Read More

Why Choose a Mortgage Modification?

During a foreclosure, a home is repossessed by the bank and everyone living in the home is forced to leave. Obviously, this can be extremely upsetting and stressful. To many people, their home is truly their castle. It is where …Read More

Rhode Island Mortgage Modifications

Rhode Island is a great state, so it is no wonder that many homeowners choose to purchase a home in Rhode Island. However, sometimes a homeowner has difficulty making the mortgage payments on time. There are many reasons why a …Read More