I Received a Foreclosure Notice

What Should I Do? If you recently received a foreclosure notice, you may be wondering what to do. One thing that you should definitely not do is ignore the notice. If you ignore the notice, that will probably reduce the …Read More

Foreclosure Help

If you fail to make your monthly payments on your home’s mortgage, your mortgage company can foreclose on the home.  This means that the bank will take your property back, and you and your family need to move out of …Read More

Can a Mortgage Modification be Denied?

Unfortunately, there are circumstances in which a mortgage company may deny a homeowner’s application for a mortgage modification. The modification process can be confusing and there are certain financial documents and other important information that must be provided by the …Read More

What is the Difference between Refinancing and a Mortgage Modification?

Although the two may achieve a similar result – a smaller monthly payment – a mortgage modification differs from refinancing. When a homeowner refinances a mortgage, their current mortgage is paid off and it is replaced with a new mortgage. …Read More

Why Choose a Mortgage Modification?

During a foreclosure, a home is repossessed by the bank and everyone living in the home is forced to leave. Obviously, this can be extremely upsetting and stressful. To many people, their home is truly their castle. It is where …Read More

Rhode Island Mortgage Modifications

Rhode Island is a great state, so it is no wonder that many homeowners choose to purchase a home in Rhode Island. However, sometimes a homeowner has difficulty making the mortgage payments on time. There are many reasons why a …Read More