Mortgage & Financial Hardship

Financial hardships are situations, usually out of your control, where you simply do not have enough money to meet your needs, like your mortgage payment. It could be unexpected car trouble, or costly medical bills. It could be a loss …Read More

Mortgage Modification after Retirement

Retirement can be a stressful time in a person’s life. A person may have worked for many years to provide for the person’s family and save for retirement. However, adjusting to a fixed income can be difficult for many, and …Read More

Do I have to be behind on my Mortgage Payment to get a Mortgage Modification?

A homeowner who is currently making the mortgage payment on time, but anticipating that a hardship may occur may wonder when the best time to apply for a mortgage modification is. In the past, some mortgage companies would not consider …Read More

Can a Mortgage Modification be Denied?

Unfortunately, there are circumstances in which a mortgage company may deny a homeowner’s application for a mortgage modification. The modification process can be confusing and there are certain financial documents and other important information that must be provided by the …Read More

What if I Don’t Like the Terms of the Mortgage Modification?

There are some circumstances where a homeowner should say no to a mortgage modification. Sometimes, the terms of the mortgage modification aren’t beneficial to the homeowner. For example, the new monthly payment may still be too high, and even with …Read More

What is the Difference between Refinancing and a Mortgage Modification?

Although the two may achieve a similar result – a smaller monthly payment – a mortgage modification differs from refinancing. When a homeowner refinances a mortgage, their current mortgage is paid off and it is replaced with a new mortgage. …Read More

Why Choose a Mortgage Modification?

During a foreclosure, a home is repossessed by the bank and everyone living in the home is forced to leave. Obviously, this can be extremely upsetting and stressful. To many people, their home is truly their castle. It is where …Read More