Mortgage & Financial Hardship

Financial hardships are situations, usually out of your control, where you simply do not have enough money to meet your needs, like your mortgage payment. It could be unexpected car trouble, or costly medical bills. It could be a loss …Read More

I Can’t Pay My Mortgage

As a homeowner, there are times when you simply may not be able to make your mortgage payment.  Mortgages and homes are expensive.  In Rhode Island, the average cost of a home is approximately $265,000.  This means that with interest, …Read More

Is it Complicated to Apply for a Mortgage Modification?

Applying for mortgage assistance can be very complicated unless you take the process seriously. A homeowner considering a mortgage modification will likely have to submit many different financial documents to the mortgage company. Which specific documents that are needed varies …Read More

Mortgage Modification and Bankruptcy

Homeowners considering a mortgage modification may wonder how it relates to filing for bankruptcy. Of course, the two are separate actions, but may go hand in hand to grant the homeowner some relief. Mortgage modifications may be applied for while …Read More

The Hardship Letter

In order to demonstrate a financial hardship during the mortgage modification process, a homeowner will typically need to write a financial hardship letter.  This letter can be intimidating and daunting to write, especially since homeowners typically are not familiar with …Read More